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Ecclesiastical Degrees

In Theology

  • Doctor of Theology

  • Master of Theology

  • Licentiate in Sacred Theology

  • Bachelor of Theology

The Gnostic Catholic Union Seminary offers a unique path to spiritual
discovery and theological mastery through its ecclesiastical degrees. These
programs, designed specifically for application within The Gnostic Catholic
Church or its affiliated ministries, provide an immersive exploration of sacred
texts, mystical traditions, and the profound depths of Gnostic sacramental theology
and liturgy.

From the Bachelor of Theology to the pinnacle of academic achievement,
the Doctor of Theology, each degree is a transformative journey of personal and
intellectual growth. Students delve into the timeless wisdom of Gnostic
Christianity, uncovering the multi-layered, symbolic, and mystical meanings
woven throughout powerful works such as the Corpus Hermeticum and the Nag
Hammadi Gnostic Scriptures.

Through rigorous coursework, independent research, and the guidance of
expert faculty, students at The Gnostic Catholic Union Seminary develop
specialized expertise. They are encouraged to contribute to the ever-expanding
body of knowledge in the field. Whether pursuing ministerial service, advanced
graduate studies, or groundbreaking research, graduates emerge equipped to
illuminate the world with their insights and significantly impact Gnostic theology.
The seminary offers a pathway to a life of purpose, service, and spiritual


For more information, please contact

Bishop Jason Jones, G.S.J., S.T.L., M.S., DMin., Ed.D. 
Rector and Academic Dean of The Gnostic Catholic Union Seminary



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