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Ministry Degrees

In Pastoral Leadership

  • Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership

  • Master of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership

  • Bachelor of Ministry in Pastoral Leadership

  • Diploma in Ministry

The Gnostic Catholic Union Seminary offers a comprehensive Ministry
Track program designed to deepen faith, develop leadership skills, and prepare
individuals for community pastoral leadership roles within the Gnostic Catholic
tradition. The program recognizes prior life experience, allowing significant credit
for an applicant's proven record of service accomplishment in recognized ministry

Students can tailor their program according to their unique needs, skills, and
aspirations through individualized concentrations and projects designed in
consultation with a program advisor. Concentrations may include Designing
Educational Media, Family Ministry, Youth Ministry, Worship and Music Ministry,
Pastoral Care, and Community Outreach.

The Ministry Track program emphasizes specialized skills and hands-on
experience, ensuring students develop the pastoral abilities required to lead a
ministry effectively. By providing a balance of structure and flexibility, the
program enables students to pursue their passion for ministry while gaining the
knowledge and skills necessary to serve their communities and the world.
Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to take on increased
responsibilities and make a meaningful impact in their chosen area of ministry.

For more information, please contact

Bishop Jason Jones, G.S.J., S.T.L., M.S., DMin., Ed.D. 
Rector and Academic Dean of The Gnostic Catholic Union Seminary


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