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What We Believe

We Believe That...


Gnosis as the Heart of Faith

We affirm Gnosis as the central, transformative experience and knowledge of the Divine.  It is the inner, intuitive understanding that transcends mere belief or dogma.


The Divine Spark

We believe that within each human being resides a divine spark, a fragment of the ineffable, waiting to be rekindled through inner awakening and spiritual exploration.


The Human Journey

We recognize that our human existence is a sacred journey, a process of self-discovery, and a quest for reconnection with the divine source.


The Divine Feminine

We honor the sacred feminine aspect of the divine, understanding it as a vital complement to the masculine, symbolizing the unity of opposites and the balance within the universe.


The Archons and the Divine Plan

We acknowledge the existence of archons or negative psychic forces that may hinder our spiritual progress.  Simultaneously, we trust in a greater divine plan guiding us towards ultimate realization.


Liberation and Salvation

We emphasize the dual goals of liberation from the material world and salvation through knowledge, inner transformation, and the redemption of the soul.


Spiritual Alchemy

We embrace the concept of spiritual alchemy, the inner transmutation of the soul, and the transformative process of unification with the divine.


Esoteric Traditions

We draw wisdom from various esoteric traditions, including Gnostic texts, Hermeticism, alchemy, and other mystical paths, as sources of inspiration and guidance.


Sacred Symbols and Allegory

We regard sacred symbols and allegory as keys to spiritual understanding, recognizing that they provide access to profound spiritual truths that transcend literal interpretation.


Universal Love and Compassion

We aspire to cultivate universal love and compassion, extending kindness, empathy, and understanding to all beings.  Our spiritual journey leads us to a deeper sense of interconnectedness and a commitment to alleviating suffering in the world.


In alignment with these beliefs, The Gnostic Catholic Union seeks to create a welcoming, nurturing environment where individuals can explore the depths of Gnosis, their inner divinity, and the profound wisdom contained within the Gnostic tradition.

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